Hi everyone and welcome to my portfolio!

1237076_10207027297794378_7268274702403983479_nLet me introduce myself. My name is Vincent, I’m 26 and I’m a 3D modeler from France.

I’ve always been interested in art, new technologies, video games… These passions really motivate me everyday for doing my best and try to become better and better. I also love to travel and learn about cultures. I enjoy to discover the wide variety of mankind creation, behaviors, history, etc…

I started to learn 3D with a Licence in Laval (France) where I learned to create 3D models and applications for Virtual Reality. During this formation I’ve been sensitized to Real Time constraints. After graduation I joined Artefacto, a Company in Rennes (France). Most of my missions were to create IOS and Android applications for real estate developers. I usally work from the modeling until the integration of the model in an engine like Unity. I use to work in team and communicate with the developers to make sure of the result of the project.


Now I’m ready for a new step in my life, for learn new things and continue improving my skills.